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     Really pleased with the results! The technician was friendly, efficient, and offered great floor treatment advice. The service was fast, and our floors look fantastic!
Ari Farrington20/07/2024
     The fence cleaning services from this company are fantastic. They managed to remove all dirt and mildew, making my fence look new again. Highly recommend their professional and reliable service.
Gabriel C.10/07/2024
     The cleaner's punctuality and professionalism stood out during the entire process.
Norman Wilder18/12/2023
     An exploration into end of tenancy cleaning businesses that boast top levels of workmanship eventually led me onto reading several great reviews regarding Bromley Cleaning Company, thus convincing me this would be optimal selection too; visiting and greeting by proficient representative along side welcoming character enabled whole registration process run efficiently and swiftly - better yet pricing plans entailed far lower fees when set alongside those recommended by lesser known services lacking either review base or proper standing online! Scheduled timeslot then chosen saw cleaners appear at given timeframe fully equipped with effective instruments needed for radical sprucing; results produced simply incredible whereby newly polished outlook sprawling each region effortlessly evident - thus capping off season so satisfactorily now here confident about prospect dealing these guys over again soon too!
Greg G.27/01/2023
     I looked at a few different domestic cleaning companies, and after meeting a few I decided that Bromley Cleaning Company was the perfect choice for my little home, and their rates were a lot cheaper than many of the others.
Joe Qunit19/05/2020
     The cleaners from Carpet Cleaners Bromley did an amazing job and worked great together. They worked hard the entire time and the quality was worth more than I paid for a cleaning service.
C. H.19/09/2019
     I needed professional cleaning contractors recently for a big clean. I was worried about being overcharged or being quoted a price I couldn't afford and then being forced to book. With Bromley Carpet Cleaning, I really had none of these concerns! They didn't pressure me and gave me a very good deal. I will use them again and recommend their services to my friends.
Louis Douglas 15/03/2016
     I like cooking - but I never like cleaning. While I can dust off the furniture and vacuum every once in a while, thorough kitchen cleaning is not my thing. So I call for the services of BromleyCarpetCleaning once a month. They come, they clean the refrigerator, the oven and all those hidden corners and everything looks magazine-perfect by the end of their work. Excellent service providers, honestly!
Luke 17/03/2015
     The staff of BromleyCarpetCleaning deserve all the praise they can get. They helped me tackle my end of tenancy cleaning when I thought I would be impossible to do. Their staff came and did all the necessary chores to make my abode clean and were a treat to be with. They were friendly and flexible, so I got the help I needed, when I needed it. Their team were great and I would-be every happy to hire them again.
Ford Harris18/12/2014
     Our carpets were quite matted and frayed in places and there were deep depressions when we moved our cabinet and dining room table around. We wanted a good carpet restoration so that we didn't have to go and buy new upholstery and BromleyCarpetCleaning did a great job of the carpet cleaning for us. They came to our home with a deep heat cleaner and they managed to get underneath the stains and remove them and even out the depressions whilst freshening up the overall appearance of the carpets making them appear far more consistent by the time they were done.
Patricia S.14/11/2014
     After becoming ill, I really struggled to maintain the level of cleanliness I associated with my home, and it was starting to depress me a bit. Thank god for BromleyCarpetCleaning though, they sent someone round as soon as possible, and I was blown away with the job they did. The whole bathroom was glistening and gleaming, and all the dust had been removed from all those hard to reach corners. I will never use another cleaner ever again!
Michael S.04/09/2014
     Having the place cleaned after the tenant leaves is a big part of ensuring that the new tenants are happy from the off. I find that having a decent relationship with your tenants means that you don't have as much trouble form them. If they feel that you are a decent person, then they complain about less, and it is always nice to get this going from the start. I have always used BromleyCarpetCleaning as they give a great clean for a decent price, and that is all I really need. No bells, no whistles, just a great service.
Timothy Johnson31/07/2014
     I had broken my leg in an accident and need some extra help in the house. My husband worked long hours and suggested I call a new cleaning firm he has noticed in the area. I contacted BromleyCarpetCleaning for a cleaning service, and the cleaners arrived on time armed with tools and plenty of cleaning substances. I had the complete house scrubbed from top to bottom and it was left sparkling clean and shiny. The staff was friendly and worked very hard. I was also happy with the price. I will continue to use them on a regular basis now until I get better.
Janice Gilbert12/06/2014
     I wanted to refresh my upholstery in my home and dental practice so decide to hire professional help. I had seen an advertisement about some new offers and decided to give them a go. BromleyCarpetCleaning were a great company to deal with. A staff member came and accessed the job and gave me an estimate. I was happy with the prices for both my business and home and it was much lower than replacing the existing furniture. We booked a date and the work went extremely well, the team did a specialist service and made a huge difference to my upholstered furniture. Well done and thanks.
Joanne L.26/05/2014
     I would like to recommend to all reading this, the excellent cleaning services of BromleyCarpetCleaning. You will hopefully find them as wonderful and reliable as I have. I also hope that they can relieve you of any stresses that the cleaning may be causing you, as they have done for me! A great team of cleaning staff, with fantastic customer care services and an excellent price range, it is difficult to think as to how you would beat the service offered by these guys!
Roy James14/05/2014
     I feel that it is well worth coming online to tell how amazing BromleyCarpetCleaning really are. They have been such an incredible help with my cleaning jobs over the last few months, and I'm not letting them go any time soon! A wonderful group, I always feel a lot happier coming home after they have been round and made my place feel amazingly fresh and clean! I would recommend them highly for their discretion, cleaning ability and excellent value for money. If these are things that you value, then you should probably get in touch!
Calvin Carlson29/04/2014
     I have a really busy house thanks to my children, my husband, my cats and my dog. Although I love having such a full house, it does make the cleaning into a huge problem, and I soon decided that a professional cleaner would be the best option for me and my family. I hired BromleyCarpetCleaning and their domestic cleaning service is absolutely perfect for my needs! Pet stains are gone from my carpets and there's not a spot of dust anyway to be found. I have loads of spare time and my house has never looked better! Thanks so much!
     Getting in a professional cleaner for our office was probably the best thing we've done in ages. As the company's grown, we've all just sorted of handled everything ourselves and never had to worry about it. But now the business has got big enough that it's too much to handle in this manner. That was when we decided to call BromleyCarpetCleaning, and already they've made a huge difference. They've got rid of all the dust which was about the place and it's just allowed everyone to focus on their jobs. Really great service.
Sandra Griffin19/03/2014
     This is a great cleaning company. They do exactly what you want with the level of reliability and expertise that you want to see, and all the services are very fairly priced as well! My cleaner doesn't seem to mind when I have specific jobs that need doing, and she always cleans everything to the high standard that I really want in my house! I love showing my home off to friends and family, and I think this is an excellent service if you're sick and tired of cleaning your house! This is the most professional cleaning company I've seen in a very long time!
     About three years ago my husband insisted we get a cleaner after noticing how much maintaining the home was getting to me. I protested but allowed it, thinking he would not be happy with anyone else's work anyway. So he got in contact with BromleyCarpetCleaning after recommendation from a colleague and the rest is history. They did a one-off clean of such superb quality that we were both thoroughly impressed. Needless to say they have been setting to work on a weekly basis for the best part of three years now, and we wouldn't swap them for anyone. If quality is what you are after, then BromleyCarpetCleaning are the cleaners for you.
G. Meadows30/01/2014
     I live alone and I really find it difficult to manage cleaning the entire house by myself. I was always struggling with dust and dirt in my home, but as I got older I just found I didn't have the energy anymore. I wanted to hire a cleaner who would be friendly and fast and that's what I got with BromleyCarpetCleaning. It's an affordable service and the cleaners all have great experience and use some really successful cleaning techniques to get everything into shape. I love this cleaning company and they've helped me out so much, thank you!
Catherine J.20/01/2014
     If you are in a situation where you can afford it, you should certainly look in to getting BromleyCarpetCleaning involved in your house work. Since my wife passed away, I have been struggling somewhat with keeping the house looking nice, and having a cleaning company in seemed the only really viable option. There is no doubt that they have made my life a lot easier, and for the price, the free time I have to work on other things is invaluable! They come highly recommended my this old timer!
Albert Murphy07/01/2014
     I never pictured myself using a house cleaning, but then again I never pictured myself with three kids all under the age of six! I'm a full-time mum but staying at home all the time just made me more aware of how messy my house was getting! I wanted to spend as much time as I could with the kids and I gave BromleyCarpetCleaning a ring to find out about their domestic cleaning services. This is a cleaning company that I can't fault! I'd give them 10/10 for their friendly service and unparalleled cleaning skills. Now I have the home of my dreams without having to sacrifice time with the little ones! Thanks so much!
Cheryl W.18/12/2013
     Working mums out there, listen up! I was really struggling to keep my home clean while being a full-time mum and holding down a stressful job. Things really started getting to me, and I have to say one day I had just had enough. I called BromleyCarpetCleaning and got them in to do a one-off clean, just to get the house back to a decent level. Well this was three years ago. I was so impressed with the job they did for the money it cost that they now clean my home on a weekly basis. Recommended.
E. Giles02/12/2013